Studio Journal

Preparing for Alyssa and Kahlil's summer Wedding

I love working in our space.  The changing light and the open space make the creative process fluid. I really need space to make, space to be messy, but I can't stand messes. I can't stand seeing something ugly in my working space. It's absurd. Trying to learn how to be. Trying to implement processes. Strategy and Framework. Every weird tool needs a permanent home so I can feel sane but I need to disrupt the pattern in order to make. Practically, this has meant creating dedicated spaces for every last thing and hiring someone to provide "recovery" after I tornado through. That's great but I'm still a collector of important things: interesting sticks, dead bees and moths, silver plated champagne buckets with "Ray and Charlene, 1972" etched on the side between scrolling handles.  Where are the freaking dedicated spaces for dead bees?

The look for Alyssa and Kahlil's wedding a couple of weeks ago was a little influenced by a 1920's sort of aesthetic and a color palette that Alyssa requested in the tones of a sunset or a cut plum. Clearly if I had not fallen for her genuine sweetness, I would have fallen for these requests. Both the bride and groom have an affinity for orchids, as do I. Diane helped create the tall arching palm arrangements for the guest tables and Shelle tied little snips of pretty foliage with silk ribbons to accent every place setting. The colors and textures melted me.