Studio Journal

Thoughts on wedding logistics part 1

The logistics of larger scale floral pieces are a little dilemma for me. Time to set up and accomplish all of the detailing we love to do is always a factor, so constructing as much as possible in advance can be a huge advantage. On the other hand, large scale pieces take a ton of room to transport and sometimes I feel like designs aren't articulated as gracefully or powerfully as they can be when they are pulled together on site at the last minute. Sometimes I make a giant arrangement halfway in the studio and finish on site. (We have also been trying to get better at documenting the process of floral art and install. Pics below by my dear Rana Salame.) I just want to like my work. Every time a project nears completion I am already critiquing the outcome, feeling like I'm failing and trying to make mental notes about how to be better, how to do meaningful work, how to be a better person.